Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Get Back Your Sexy Figure

I believe the fashion trends make a full circle. Meaning every year the styles from 5-10 years make a return. With this thought in mind as the fashions change, I pack away my current outfits in a cedar trunk and go on a shopping spree for the latest in fashion clothes.

Recently I dug into my trusty cedar trunk to retrieve a few outfits that I had tucked away a few years back. Perfect! They were right in style. Only one problem. They were about three sizes too small. Now I knew I had gained a few pounds but that many. Right then and there I knew is was time for me to take back that sexy figure from those many years ago. Obviously my weight gain had got out of hand. I had to design a plan of the fat attack. So heres what I did…

First step:

I reviewed my eating habits. Soon to learn that I was eating a lot more unhealthy foods than good ones. I had become the queen of take out and the gourmet cook of processed foods. This had to change. From now on, I would eat fresh vegetables, with lean meat and fish. Topped by a healthy desert of fruits. After a short time, I found my clothes just seemed to cling a little bit looser. Had the weight gain really stopped?

Second step:

Instead of my four cups of coffee a day, it was now four glasses of water and one cup of coffee. This one was a bit hard to do, as I am a coffee addict. Therefore, I would make myself drink one glass of water before I would have a coffee. I soon found that I did not have room for the coffee so I forgot about it. I discovered an amazing thing. I was not near as bloated as I had been in the past. Maybe that is why I was beginning to look a little slimmer. I think some weight loss was starting to become a reality.

Third step:

Exercise was a bad word to me. After all, I kept a spotless house so all the exercise I got from cleaning surely had to be equal to any athlete. Then I read an article about metabolism so I knew right there what the problem was. I had to increase my activity in order to give my metabolism a boost. I hated exercise though remember? But I loved dancing. There was the solution. I worked myself out a dance exercise program and absolutely loved it.

Well I didn’t lose weight in time to fit into those clothes I had taken out being as the fashions change every year. In addition, I did not put all those extra pounds on overnight and I sure knew I was not going to take them off in just a few days. It was evident though my attack of the fat plan had been quite successful. I looked great and I felt wonderful.

One other thing I know for sure as well is the next time I dig into that old chest all those little gems are going to fit this sexy body once again.

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Monday, February 16, 2009

How to Lose That weight

According to wikipedia, weight loss is a reduction of the total body weight, due to a mean loss of fluid, body fat or adipose tissue and/or lean mass, namely bone mineral deposits, muscle, tendon and other connective tissue.

Obesity is a important issue in the society. The society regards obese people to be lazy. People who are obese are lazy, not because they are naturally lazy. But because their muscles cannot carry the excess fat on them.

Obese people needs to do more exercise to burn the fat and develop their muscles.

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